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Our security measures in Corona times

Safety & hygiene in the Mondschein

The health of our guests and our employees is a top priority. In the past few weeks, we have worked intensively on health and hygiene standards and in the best possible way prepared the Mondschein for the restart in accordance with the applicable safety regulations. The Mondschein was analyzed for possible dangers and risks. We have taken various measures to prevent this. Our Covid-19 guidelines are also adapted to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and regional and national health and hygiene regulations.

How do we ensure your security?

  • The temperature of all our employees is measured every day.
  • Numerous disinfection dispensers and hygiene stations were installed throughout the house.
  • Strategic points such as the reception and cash desk area were equipped with protective windows.
  • All employees wear the prescribed protective equipment and a smile on their faces.
  • For our guests we provide high-quality mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves when using the buffet, whereby all guests have the option of having everything served by us.
  • The Mondschein has enough space for all of us to keep the minimum distance of 1 meter. This means that our guests can move freely and without mouth protection or only use it if they do not keep the minimum distance to other people by crossing.
  • All rooms, surfaces and contact points are disinfected and cleaned several times a day and all rooms are treated with modern disinfection sprayers before check-in and all common rooms.
  • All hotel laundry is washed with 90 degrees and special disinfectant additive
  • The necessary distance of 1 meter is maintained in the restaurant. The tables have been repositioned accordingly.

More heart than ever:

Everything is different, but we are still the same.
Your satisfaction and a high level of quality continue to be our highest aspiration.
The Mondschein team is at your disposal at any time and gives you the best advice in all situations.